Workshops coming (see full details and register below)



5/19 -Restorative Yoga w/AmySue  


  Restorative Yoga w/AmySue (date to be announced) 

6/2-  | 10AM – 1PM 

  Mindful Meditation & Gentle Yoga @ The Reeds 

6/10 - Soens Flow w/Bill ~ Wed 10 am , Fri 10 am & Sun 9am
6/20 - Pilates w/Mary ~ Mondays & Thursdays @ 8:15 am 
Pilates privates available by appt 

6/21   108 Sun Salutations Summer Solstice 8am @ The Reeds

6/21 - Restorative Flow w/Cheri ~ Fridays @ 8:30am  

6/21- Solstice Workshop & OPEN house (more info soon) 

6/22 - 9/2 Yoga @ The Reeds on roof garden deck- 8am ~ everyday All summer

6/26 - Meditation 101 - 6 wks w/Cheri  8:45 am 
6/27 - Alignment Yoga & Nidra  w/Maureen -Thursdays @ 4pm 


 7/7 - Using the Wall as a Prop w/Marissa @ 10:30am  

7/10 - Fete  de la Feet  ~ w/ Mary McCarthy 

7/17- Rest & The City /Restorative w/Cheri Fandozzi 

7/28 - Numerology w/Krista Lynn @ 11am  


8/4 - Meditation in Motion w/Marissa @ 10:30am 
8/7 - Sound Bath w/Candace @ 4pm 
Private Sound Bath available 8/6 & 8/8 by appt  

8/14 - Rest & The City Restorative w/Cheri Fandozzi

8/18 -Fete de la Feet w/Mary McCarthy 

8/23-25th - YOGASTROLOGY® INITIATION TRAINING  w/Colleen Sposato

Yogastrology® Initiation Training

Summer 2019 ~August 23, 24 & 25


Whether you are a yogi or a yoga teacher wanting to learn how to apply Yogastrology® to your practice, classes, and workshops, or simply curious and want to learn how to deepen your knowledge of yoga + astrology and body correlations, Yogastrology® Initiation Training is for you.

In Yogastrology® Initiation Training, you will learn:

* More about yourself, your sun sign, and how to connect astrology to the divinity that is your body.

* How to connect yoga + astrology, to build bridges between these two ancient sister systems.

* How to embody the four elements / Fire / Air / Water / Earth, transforming your everyday wellness into a personal healing ritual.

* Powerful intention setting and empowering ways to work with journaling throughout the seasons.

* How to create simple rituals in sync with the natural rhythms of the sun + moon.

* How to put it all together to lead gatherings, workshops, women’s circles, or simply for your own personal practice. And much more!


This is a twelve (12) hour Yogastrology® Certification Training. You will become Certified Yogastrology® Inspired in Initiation Training. 

Your name will go on the website. Click and scroll down the webpage >

All books and course materials are included in the price, and you will receive your Yogastrology® Initiation Diploma (certificate) on the last day of the course.


 Friday, August 23rd, 2019  5:00pm - 8 pm

We open with a simple ceremony, followed by an overview of the weekend. And we complete the day with a  yoga practice for the season.

 Saturday, August 24th, 2014 11:30am - 2:30pm ~ break ~ 4:30pm- 8pm 

 You are free to snack / dine in vicinity of the Sol Luna studio; there will be breaks.

In the morning, we dive into you, your sun sign, and the astrology + asana correlations. 

By afternoon, our focus shifts from “me” to “we” as you learn how to create sun + moon rituals and workshops and dive into the Yogastrology® healing and wellness practices. The day ends with a restorative practice for the 12 zodiac signs. 

Sunday, August 25th, 2019 11am - 2:30 pm 

We will enjoy a presentation of diplomas, an extended savasana for the 12 zodiac signs, and finally, a closing ceremony.

Led by Colleen Sposato, Certified Yogastrologer®


Hosted by Amy Sue Smith of Sol Luna Yoga

Address ~ 2819 Dune Dr Avalon NJ 

Phone ~ 609-368-0222

Email ~

Questions? Contact AmySue 

**** All course materials, book, and diploma are included in the price. ****
Limited spaces available! All levels welcome.
Also see

Yogastrology® was named as one of the Top Ten Trends Worldwide by iForm, Scandinavia’s most popular women’s magazine. Thanks, iForm!

No Refunds

Tuition/investment $390.00

Register by July 15th $340.00 



Restorative Yoga

May 19th ~ 4-6 pm


Join us for a Blissful afternoon to unwind & de-stress from our busy lives. Treat yourself to a deeply nourishing yoga practice. Recharge your mind, body, and spirit.

Restorative Yoga is a gentle and quiet practice. Using props to fully support your body, your muscles will open and release without expending energy. You'll emerge with a sense of deep calm and feeling of spaciousness.


$25 with Registration - $35 at door

space is limited


Restorative Yoga Payment

intro to mindfulness

a six-week course in meditation - June 26 - July 31, 8:45-9:45 am

Does it ever feel like you have one of those electric monkeys in your head, banging away at cymbols, filling your mind with incessant chatter and unuseful thoughts, distracting you all day long?  Did you know that meditation can help you tame that monkey and live a more mindful life?

 In this 6-week course, we will cultivate the formal practice of meditation and learn tools for leading a more mindful life by practicing and experimenting with various techniques. Each class will include instruction/teaching, group meditation and Q&A. The class is appropriate for complete beginners to experienced practitioners.  You will leave with tools for incorporating a mindfulness practice into your daily life.

Tentative course schedule: (subject to modifications)

June 26th:  Meditation overview: what is mindfulness? How to sit/finding your meditation seat

July 3rd: Body scan meditation

July 10th: Guided visualization

July 17th: Walking meditation

July 24th: Metta/loving kindness meditation

July 31st: Cultivating a mindful life: establishing a routine and taking the practice off the cushion and into your life

$90 for the 6-week course


About the instructor: Cheri Fandozzi is a yoga and mindfulness instructor based in New York City and Avalon, NJ. Her formal practice of meditation evolved organically from years of yoga asana practice. She is a board member of The Community Meditation Center in Manhattan, where she studies and practices Vipassana meditation with guiding teacher Allan Lokos and guest teachers including Sharon Salzberg and Andrew Olendzki.


Fete De La feet

July 10th & August 18th (time to be announced soon)


                                        -Bulging bunions?
                                       -Moaning metatarsals?
                                       -Harping hammer toes?
                                       -Aching arches?
                                       -Nagging neuropathy?

Please join us for a 60-minute rejuvenating "foot camp" to learn exercises
designed to release fascia tension, strengthen your ankles and feet, and
improve your gait. 

 Fee:  $25 (space is limited) (registration open soon)

                        YOUR TIRED TOOTSIES WILL THANK YOU!

Presented by Mary McCarthy, PMA Certified Pilates Teacher;
Teacher of the Gyrotonic Expansion System




Wednesday, July 17th & August 14th 4-6pm

 A restorative yoga gathering to release tension and stress  


When you take care of yourself, you take care of the world. And nothing can make you feel more cared for than time communing with others and a nurturing, restorative yoga practice.  REST & THE CITY combines both!  Come alone or with a friend or group of friends.  Spend time together, catching up over a snack and a beverage.  Participate in a deeply relaxing restorative yoga class, feeling fully supported by the use of bolsters, blocks and blankets.  You will leave class feeling rejuvenated in body, mind and soul.  Having taken care of yourself and having filled your well with the love and support of your friends and fellow REST & THE CITY yogis.  

Restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing style of yoga using bolsters, blankets and blocks to create a totally supported environment where you can focus on yourself and your breathing. Complete beginners are yoga experience is necessary.

How this unique class works:
The class is 2 hours. The first 10-15 minutes are reserved for attendees to arrive, settle in and unwind from their day, to enjoy some quiet time, a beverage and a snack, to catch up with friends and make new ones.  The RESTorative yoga practice is about an hour and 30 minutes.  An additional 10-15 minutes is available after the practice for participants to linger and mingle. 

Register below!
QUESTIONS?: Email Cheri:


July Early Bird Payment Rest in the city $30

August Early Bird Payment Rest in The City $30

July and August Payment for Rest and the City Cost Saving combo price $55

Normal Price of Rest In City After Early Bird $35

Master Class with Marissa Paino

 Join Marissa Paino, ERYT-500, C-IAYT, for two Master Classes this summer to enhance your practice both physically, energetically and spiritually!  Each class runs from 10:30am-Noon and will offer a balanced blend of all elements of the Yoga practice:  pranayama, asana and meditation. 


SUNDAY JULY 7th @ 10:30am-noon

Using the Wall as a Prop

Performing the asana practice on the wall offers new opportunities to fine-tune alignment, deepen your experience in a pose, and, empowers you to achieve postures that may have previously been elusive.  This practice will be informative and strengthening and is appropriate for all levels as modifications will be offered to suit all levels of yoga experience.  

SUNDAY AUGUST 4TH @ 10:30am-noon

 Meditation in Motion

The physical benefits of the Yoga practice are much more visible to us than the subtle effects.  Aside from asana, this class will explore the other two important tools of the practice, pranayama and meditation, to enhance our experience of calming the nervous system and tuning into our inner wisdom.  This class will be slightly more slower-paced than traditional vinyasa with longer holds of postures and breathing techniques and intervals of quiet reflective pauses.  Appropriate for any student curious about expanding beyond the physical practice.  


$22 Early registration for either, $40 for both.  

$25 drop in. 

Registration & paypal open soon



July 28th 11 am -1pm


The Energy of Numbers and What They Reveal About You with Krista Lynn

The ancient science of Numerology is the study of how the numerical vibrations effect us, universally and personally.  Through the birth date, we will explore how these numerical vibrations can reveal one's life path, personal year, inner strengths and future tendencies.  We will also work with your name and find the Soul Urge, The Secret Self and the Expression. Sound is the result of vibration – which is only another way of saying that every sound has a number behind it.   Based on your findings, each person will individually make their own Mala Bracelet (27 beads) made of wood and semi precious stones.  Each number is represented by a semi precious stone to reflect the essence of its vibrations.  A wonderful memory to remind you of the journey you explored at the workshop.  Please bring a notebook and pen or pencil. 
Cost:  $40/per person - (all supplies included)

pay pal will be open soon


Sound Bath

August 7th

Are you looking to refresh your soul and vibrate to a new resonance?   A sound bath is an unforgettable experience that will do just this.  Lay back and explore sound vibration while lying on a yoga mat and allowing your body and soul to journey through the process of self-exploration and self-restoration. During this rejuvenating process a certified sound therapy practitioner, Dr. Candace Robick, will activate a series of therapy grade bowls, gongs, and other musical wonders.

Be good to yourself and come and nourish your soul.  You deserve it! 


Early Registration: $35 before 7/31 ~ $40 after & at door

Space is limited 

Registration & paypal open soon 

Private Sound Bath Massage will be available 8/6 & 8/8