Yoga Schedule

About our classes

Yoga Basic's

 This class offers those new to yoga a gentle introduction to yoga, which will help build strength, stamina

and flexibility.  We will break down the postures so you can begin to explore building the benefits of yoga for you. All levels welcome. Prenatal safe.

Restorative Flow/Level 1-

 Building strength within your practice and deepening the connection of breath & movement. 

We will end this class with a Restorative posture.  Prenatal safe.

Relax & Restore

 Slow down & go deep. A nurturing practice that relieves chronic stress due to major life changes, disease, injury 

or just modern day life. Ending with Meditation a great class for everyone. Prenatal safe

All Level

 This class is for beginner to intermediate students and offers an energetic approach to the basics of yoga, 

customized to the needs of the class.

Vinyasa All Level

 Soft flow of vinyasa. Emphasizing on linking the postures with the breath and alignment.

This class requires the willingness to surrender to what is. Developing strength, flexibility, balance and inner stillness. Some experience suggested. 

Soens Flow- All Level Plus

 This is Bill Soens Class. His unique flow is a strong deep practice. It will invigorate body mind & Spirit. If you like hips 

this is the class for you. Some Yoga experience suggested. It will get warm **bring a towel 

Level 2/ Intermediate

 A challenging & rejuvenating class both physically & mentally. Emphasizing the integration of mind & body

through breath & asana.  Some yoga experience required and room will get warm **Bring a towel.

Yin Flow

 This class will focus on deepening flexibility and core strength. We will practice postures that encourage patience. Through the process the benefit is a healthy digestive system, incorporating lymphatic clearing and opening up the meridians throughout 

the body. Props will be used and time allotted for deepening your meditation. Appropriate for all levels.



Experience the power of Pilates! Designed to stretch, strengthen & balance the body while opening joints and releasing tension.

The emphasis in Pilates workout is on concentration, precision movement & breath awareness. Skeletal alignment and muscle efficiency

harmonizing in lengthening the body to a balanced whole.  Bring the mind in tune with the body as you optimize flexibility, coordination,

range of motion and endurance.  All Levels welcome. 

Mindful Meditation

 For the curious, complete  beginners, advanced practitioners, and everyone in between. In this 30 min class, students have the opportunity to

 sit together as part of the Sol Luna community.


Attend any drop-in class you like-- no need to pre-register. 
Do arrive a few minutes before class time. 
Bring a water & mat 
- we also have a few mats to lend.

*Some  classes are only during the summer *