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 From Betsasana (aka Betsi Kohler):


I have practiced yoga with Amy Sue for a decade now and I can say, Amy Sue invokes a safe atmosphere for me and uses harmonious words such as "invite" and "there is no right or wrong way" to explore myself through the asanas she prepares for the yoga practice.  Amy Sue gently emphasizes a non-competitive atmosphere allowing me to witness my emotions and throught that clutter my mind and body with out over-reacting by closing my eyes and breathing. I am grateful for Amy Sue's efforts to create a studio that offers year round practice in a seasonal town and with such dedication to her students and passion for yoga. I am truly Blessed by Amy Sue

 I have been practicing yoga for years under Amy Sue’s guidance.  She has the unique ability to put to students, at any level, at ease.  The environment at Sol Luna is peaceful.  Amy Sue encourages students to be gentle with themselves, accepting of your body’s limitations and not being judgmental or critical but rather just be in the present moment while remembering to smile.  Amy Sue’s knowledge, experience, dedication and soothing manner results in classes that lead to are charging of self, a deeper connection to breathing and the resultant sense of peace, quiet and lightness that carry forward through the day.  Of special interest is the fact that Amy Sue starts each class inquiring about any injuries that she should be aware of and questions whether anyone has a particular area that they would like to work on.  She is, therefore, able to provide students a variety of levels in one class.   Pat Mastrobuono 

 Sol Luna Yoga studio is a wonderful studio that compliments all levels of yoga practice. It is a very comfortable, peaceful studio and Amy Sue is a wonderful instructor. She is a professional and talented instructor with many years of experience. I highly recommend this studio for your yoga practice!

 Sol Luna is a wonderful place to practice yoga.  Amy Sue is an excellent instructor and takes into account the differences between her students offering variations to the poses so all can enjoy their practice.  A feeling of well being is acheived in the mind and body after your yoga practice.  I would recommend this studio and Amy Sue to anyone just learning yoga or an experienced practitioner.  Barb Beck