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Summer Pilates


"It is the mind itself that shapes the body" Friedrich Van Schiller

Pilates is designed specifically to result in a uniformly developed body. Emphasis in a Pilates workout is on concentration, precision movement, and breath awareness. Skeletal alignment and muscle efficiency harmonizing in lengthening the body to a balanced whole. Bring the mind in time with the body as you optimize flexibility, coordination, range of motion and endurance.Experience the power of gentle transformation.


Rates = same as yoga class

About the Instructor:

MARY G. McCARTHY, Pilates Instructor

Mary spent 15 years teaching Step, Sculpt, and Aqua Aerobics in six African countries as an aside from her full-time job teaching English and French.  Upon returning to the US Mary became Pilates mat certified on a whim but then discovered the genius of Pi­lates and Delved into a full machine certification through the Physical Mind Institute followed by full certification through Quantum Pilates and the PMA.  The latest addition in her movement Repertoire is full certification in the Gyrotonic Ex­pansion System.

This diverse background lends itself to the most important aspect of Pilates which is to design a workout suitable to the individual client’s needs.


PMA Certified Pilates Teacher

Quantum Pilates Levels I & II Teacher Training

Physical Mind Institute Mat and Apparatus Teacher Training

Gyrotonic Expansion System

Level I Teacher Traini