Welcome to Sol Luna Yoga

Little Minnows

Our sixth summer in Avalon at Sol Luna Yoga!

Little Minnows Yoga classes are just for kids!

They incorporate all of the components of an adult yoga class - breathing exercises, asana (yoga poses), and relaxation/meditation - all in a fun, spirited class made just for kids.

Through the use of music, yoga props, and yoga-inspired games, children learn self-awareness, gain strength, flexibility and balance, and explore age-appropriate mindfulness techniques.

Unlike other physical activities, kids yoga classes are non-competitive and nurturing, giving each student an opportunity to explore their bodies, their breath, and stillness, all while celebrating their uniqueness.

make your own schedule this summer!

Schedule classes on a day and time that works for you and your Minnows!

Instead of having a fixed schedule of classes (when we never quite know what works best for you and your Minnows), we are giving you the opportunity to make your own schedule. 

Schedule a 45-60 minute group class for up to 4 children/family members at the Sol Luna Yoga studio or a location of your choice on the island.

Classes will be available Monday to Friday from June 19 to August 14*.

*The cost for the classes:

One session/Four participants: $60
Two sessions/Eight participants: $115
Three sessions/Twelve participants: $170
Four sessions/Sixteen participants: $225

*Although it's always good for children to build on the practice week after week, you are welcome to change the participants each class. Costs above include four participants per class however you may add additional children or family members for an additional $15 per person.




To schedule a session, please email or text Cheri Fandozzi at cheri@cherifandozzi.comor 609.760.3002 with the date and time you’d like to schedule, as well as the number of children and their ages. We will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm availability. You are welcome to schedule your sessions as far in advance as works for you.

As always, a wonderful time to schedule a class for your children is while YOU are practicing during an existing Sol Luna Yoga adult class. We will practice with the kids in the smaller studio and also take some of our practice into the spaces just outside.